Eva bit my finger and its bleeding a lot. I have never been bitten by any of my rats so this makes me sad. It was my fault for pulling her away from the cage. My finger hurts and there’s blood on the floor. Gr8.

Anonymous:  how did you introduce your new ratites to the old ones? i have a female of about…2 years? maybe a litter younger. i want to get her a friend. what age should her friend be?

well the 2 groups of girls that I have are pretty close in age.
I start with the basics. I introduce them in neutral territory. That way, neither feel the need to defend their surroundings. Most people do this in a bathtub. Personally, I don’t like using the bathtub. It stresses out my rats way too much. I use the living room instead. However this is completely up to you.  After they start getting along there, I move on to to a place that they are both familiar with. This usually means my bedroom. After that, its time to place them in the same cage. When you’re doing this you need to make sure that the cage is completely clean. Make sure there is no rat scent left behind. I would also recommend rearranging things so that it feels unfamiliar to both ratties. You can also bathe both of them.

I would be super careful in this step and really watch them over. If they start to show signs of aggression, try to separate them.  Rats set up their own hierarchy so hearing squeaks from the cage is completely normal. But there are times when they will fight to the point of blood. That is not okay and you need to separate them immediately. Take your time with intros. Don’t try to rush the process.  

has your rattie ever been with other rats? She’s an older girl like my Dharm. I’m not sure if getting her a friend is the best thing to do at this point. Has she slowed down? I guess if she hasn’t, it would be nice to get her a friend. Keep in mind she may not respond well to other rats if she has been kept alone for her entire life. Also, sometimes older rats get too stressed out with the younger ones. Younger rats have tons of energy and they can be pretty annoying for the older ones. If you were to get a baby rat, I would recommend that you get 2 babies. Just because your rattie is older and you don’t want the baby to be alone after her passing. But I really don’t think a baby rat is the best way to go. Just because you have to wait until the baby is old enough to actually introduce them (if the baby is too small, it can’t really defend itself if the older rat decided to attack it during intros)  and well, babies are kind of annoying. Then again, I don’t really know whether there will be conflict if you get an older female. I know a lot of people who have successfully introduced older ratties to their mischief. 

iamnotheretoamuseyou:  I'd said I have one bowl of baking soda on the shelf above my rat cage and one on the floor below.

(sorry I made you send it twice) 


someone just messaged me (to help out the anon) and out of habit,  I accidently clicked respond privately. 
Im so stupid. Can you please send me the message again? 

Anonymous:  any tips on how to keep my rat cage from smelling like absolute shit? its a wire cage with a fleece blanket as bedding. i clean the litter box everyday. the litter is bedding from the pet store. pls help, it stinks.

do you have a lot of rats? 

I use fleece bedding as well, I dont even have a litter box but I don’t seem to have an issue with the cage smelling. How often do you wash the fleece? I heard that cleaning the plastic trays with water & vinegar should help.  I would say that litter training them would also help in controlling the odor but I’m assuming your rats are already litter trained. Maybe its the litter you are using? I don’t really have this issue so I’m going to ask my followers to share what they do to control the odor. 

Oh by the way, if you have any cardboard or wooden toys, you may consider replacing them. I know they absorb a lot of the pee and that may be a reason as to why your cage smells. Also you have to give a deep clean to your cage once in a while. So followers if you have any advice, please share! 

Anonymous:  I'm not the biggest fan of rats/mice but yours are absolutely adorable!! I don't mind pet rats I'm just a bit scared of wild/outside rats. I hopefully haven't offended you because that wasn't my intention! I just wanted to say how cute yours are!

Especially the one eyed one; I believe Soma is her name? And it’s extremely cute how you feed them and all! I hope that they are all safe as well as you! Sorry If I offended you in anyway! Take care!(:

Oh no, of course you haven’t! 
Yeah, the little one eyed girls name is Soma. She is a total sweetheart! Thank you for this delightful message! I’ll make sure to post more pics of  Soma just for you anon  

Anonymous:  I think my rats eat eachother out but they're both ladies...


Saw the guy of my dreams yesterday!
The band’s performance was great. We had to leave early and I didn’t get the opportunity to take a picture with him. My heart hurts.

Anonymous:  Sorry about the ignorance with this question but do female rats menstruate? And is it quite messy? Or can you not really tell? Also do they act different if their in heat? I'm sorry haha. /:

(I’m currently answering another question, so other anon please don’t feel like I’m ignoring you. I’m going to answer this first because its more straightforward) 

Hello! Female rats do not menstruate so you don’t have to worry about that if you plan on getting female ratties :)
They go into heat every 5 days or so  
Sometimes when you pick them up and you touch their backs it triggers them to arch their back. This is the mating posture. Only Dharma would do this and it was when she was younger.  It was really funny because I would pick her up and her back would arch and she would freeze for a moment. Other rats vibrate their ears when you touch their lower back (Soma is the only one who does this and let me just say, i think its super cute) 

I have noticed that with my “new” second group of girls, they hump each other. Its a little annoying because one of them will start running around their cage and she MAKES SO MUCH NOISE. The other rat is chasing her and they’re both going CRAZY running in circles. This is typical mating behavior where the female encourages the male to chase her. 

Those are really the only things I can think of that are different when my rats in heat. But to be completely honest, most of the time I can’t tell.