Anonymous:  one of my rattys somehow got onto my desk and ate a sour patch kid!! should i be worried? she's acting fine… but I'm worried

Don’t worry, I’m sure your rattie will be fine. Just keep a close eye on them. Rats will eat just about anything when given the chance.

I called home today and my mom told me that none of the girls will allow anyone to go near them. This is extremely strange because my girls are VERY friendly and they have no problem with being handled. Some of the girls are shyer but Dharma has always been the bravest soul. Dharm is also acting weird and she’s not responding well to my family. I’m so worried for them. I talked to them through the phone and my mom told me that they all began running around the cage. Apparently Eva kept reaching towards the phone and tried getting a hold of it. My mom said her little hands kept grasping it. Do you know how heartbreaking this is?

Rabbit emergency!



No name bunny begging for food after his bath. :)

I mainly focus on rescuing rats but these rabbits were in a seriously dangerous situation.Please share this post so others can see it. To view my website click here

 Today, August 27, I encountered a serious problem. As I was visiting family outside of the city I decided to go along to a vet trip for their dog. I wanted to see how their vet was and the differences between the vets I have been to. While sitting in the waiting room a very angry woman walked into the vet clinic. She had a small crate, I was thinking she had a small cat or kitten in the crate. She then started yelling and swearing at the receptionist saying she had issues with her three rabbits.

  She said when she adopted them she thought they were all males but they were not. She was furious and saying she did not want a litter of rabbits and she could not deal with the rabbits any longer. She said she couldn’t find them a home. Neutering and spaying rabbits is VERY expensive, this woman obviously did not want to pay for the animals she carelessly bought. She continued to say one was sick, and was attacked by one of the other rabbits. All of this went on for about 15 minutes. The receptionist offered the best advice she could but the woman refused to listen to anything. 

  The woman then said something very disturbing which is the reason why these rabbits are now with me. She told the receptionist if they won’t take them and rehome them ( most vet clinics will not do this) she wants them euthanized. The receptionist then explained that they will not do that and they unfortunately cannot rehome her animals and she will have to take them to some sort of shelter. The woman grabbed the carrier viciously and told the receptionist she didn’t need her help and she will just let them go in the woods. She quickly walked out the door and I followed her and asked if I could take them. She agreed and I now have three beautiful rabbits. 

  I rushed home as soon as I got them and found out they are infact all male. If you research male rabbits you will find tons of information about raging hormones. These boys need to be neutered. One of the boys has been bitten a few times and seems to have a respiratory illness. As soon as I let them out of the tiny crate they did start fighting. Rabbit fights can be very brutal and even deadly. They were also very dirty and in very poor condition, they were not fed properly at all. As I already have a rabbit of my own I had to modify his large C&C cage to fit 3 rabbits, and my rabbit is living in a regular rabbit cage at the moment. This is not ideal but it will do for now.

  The problem is I cannot afford the proper vet care they need. I only took them in because their lives were at risk and at least they will be safe with me until I can come up with the money. On top of their vet bills they also need basic accessories like proper cages, food, toys and accessories. Rabbit care is very expensive and I already have quite a few rats that are getting medical attention that is also expensive. Just the care for these rabbits alone will cost me over $1000.00. 

  I would like to take them to the vet I take my rabbit ( and past rescue rabbit) to. I want to make sure they will get great care. The exam for one rabbit will be $85.00 + tax, and the neuter will be $298.00 + tax. This is not including any pain medication, or the medical care for the sick rabbit. I may even find out the other two have other problems as well. Over all without tax or medication their neuter will be $1,149.00 for all three of them. The donation goal is $1600.00 because I believe that should cover their neuters with the tax and medication added.

  These rabbits were terrified and are already warming up to me, but they are not very friendly. I can see why she couldn’t find a home for them, but I am willing to do everything I can to make them loving comfortable pets. If I can raise enough money to get them the medical care they need I will keep all three of them as my own, unless I find a loving forever home once they are healthy and friendly. Rabbits are very sensitive animals, they have been through enough fear and stress, I do not want to have to rehome them again anytime soon.

If you can donate anything please do. You can send your donation to via paypal. Every little bit helps, thank you for reading their story. :)

Cat help

There’s a stray female cat roaming through my apartment complex. She meows at everyone’s door and begs them to let her in. When my door is open, she comes in and immediately runs to the sink. I turn on the faucet and she starts drinking. However if I place a bowl of water outside, she won’t drink anything. Last time I was laying on the floor and she came up and took a nap on my belly. She’s super sweet and begs for constant attention. She’s super skinny and it appears as if she has had kittens before. My roommate and I decided to buy a few cans of cat food because she is wayyy too skinny. The cat appeared at my door this morning but she refused to eat. How do I feed her? Is she not hungry? She looks like she is starving. All she wants to do is walk in and sleep in here but there are no pets allowed in this apartment. I have let her in before though… which is probably not the best idea. Her skin is terrible and she’s missing patches of fur. She has scabs on her body and they remind me of Frida. She’s a stray cat so she’s obviously not the cleanest but I can’t help but hug her. She’s such a sweetheart. I miss having animals around me and she provides some comfort. I have never owned a cat so I know nothing about them. I’m a dog person and I’ve had about every animal except for a cat. How do I get her to eat? What kind of skin issue could she have? It doesn’t look like she has fleas. But I mean, chances are, she probably does.

I was watching snap chat stories and I saw a cutie lil rat and now I’m crying because I miss my babies so much. Eva and hairless rat are having a hard time without me. I want to go home.